Winning Cash in Video Game Tournaments and Skill Games

Winning cash in video game tournaments and games involving skill versus chance based casino games So often people look to the internet and particularly gambling sites as a serious means to make money. In bleak financial weather punters flock to these sites as refuge from the depressing economic reality that surrounds them. This article highlights the folly of thinking that such internet ‘chance’ games will prove profitable, and instead looks favourably upon skilled based competitions as a more pleasurable, profitable and satisfying alternative.Games of ‘chance’People play Blackjack, Roulette, Bingo and Slot Machines amongst other games in the slim hope of winning cash. Those who play are often blinded by the flashing lights showing them the money on offer and forget the actual odds of them winning over a period of time are extremely low and that automated machines will ensure you lose in the long run.The games above are quite literally run on lottery principles decided by random chance elements. The firms that run these games and nothing else have one goal in mind – taking your money. What other products do they offer other than those that involve you putting your hard earned money into a glorified lottery machine? Nothing.What about skill based competitions?Well let’s drawn an analogy, what if you were the fastest 100m sprinter on the planet. If you perform to the best of your ability in this example over all the races in the event calendar then you will win most if not all of the races. Usain Bolt and the more skilled athletes will earn more in prize money (and endorsements) than the other competitors simply because their superior ‘skill’ will mean they win a lot of the races at the expense of their rivals. The same principle applies to competitive video game tournaments.The 100m is a skill based competition where the person who demonstrates the superior skill on the day will win. Simple. If the 100m was run similar to chance competitions like Roulette and Bingo then no one could influence the result with their own skill and the winner would be determined by random luck. Basically an extreme example of chance games in the 100m example would be Usain Bolt turning up to the race not knowing who’s body he was going to race in – he could be placed in the slowest racer’s body – and ultimately he will lose. In fact in the case of Roulette, Blackjack and Bingo there might not even be a winner anyway as the banker wins out over the human competitors, so there would be no point in getting to the starting blocks and subsequently no point in racing as the race was fixed before you even put your running shoes on!To put it simply why would you consciously choose playing games of chance where you ultimately lose, when you can compete in skill based competitions where your destiny is firmly in own your hands, and where this is an extension of an enjoyable activity you do for hours completely for free and for pleasure?Playing video game tournaments and matches for cashPlaying for cash and prizes on video/computer games, gaming consoles and mobile phone apps is an example of a skill based competition. In other words if you are a skilled gamer and you play for cash and prizes on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, OnLive, Apple Apps, Android then you can make money in cash and prize tournaments on these gaming formats. How? Well like the 100m example above, the more races you enter and demonstrate superior skill compared to your competitors the more races you will win meaning more money and fantastic prizes.So why not consider entering video game competitions for cash and prizes where you can use your knowledge, experience and skill that you have garnered over a number of enjoyable playing years to your distinct advantage, rather than playing games of chance. Not only will you win more cash that way in the long run, it’s also a lot more satisfying than watching a ball spin aimlessly around or crossing off randomly drawn numbers. Plus you enjoy playing video games for free anyway, who can say they enjoy playing Roulette and Blackjack for free?As this article illustrates playing games of skill as opposed to chance is a lot more satisfying and can be more profitable. Visit our site by clicking on the link below and enjoy video game tournaments for cash and just for fun, plus lots more.

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